LOBSTER was actually born by chance in 2006. Two partners, Jeppy and Cento, owned MARKER SHOP, a street shop and the symbol of subculture in their town. They decided to start producing some tees to be sold in the shop. Jeppy was inspired by a tshirt of his with a lobster on the front and suggested the name… straight away, Cento started working on a logo design. The first and only design captured the essence of what the brand would be about …and LOBSTER was born. The philosophy behind the brand, even though born by chance, is clear; “make what we like, what we would wear, and collaborate with who we respect”. The result is something that reflects LOBSTER!s origins; the world of graffiti, of skateboarding, of hip hop and hard core music. Collaboration with street artists, photographers, magazines and record labels, has been fundamental in sealing friendships born years before in the train yards or at concerts.

Graffiti without knowing it, has been the starting point for the creation of Lobster apparel. In the 2012/ 2013 winter collection we have included a special gadjet that has a value that goes bion it!s functionality and cost; it rappresents the roots and the reason we are here. The Gadjet we!re talking about is a 15x6x6,5 cm ceramic money box with the shape of a 668 Littorina Train ( one of the most painted trains in Italy), and personalized with our logo on the front and a LBSTR throw up on one side. This object perfectly resumes our background and the Lobster Apparel heritage. Available at all LOBSTER APPAREL retailers at 15 Euros. Only 100 pieces available.

Visit: http://www.lobsterapparel.com for more informations!