On December 15th, the Montana Store Frankfurt transcended its role as a graffiti and street art nexus, blossoming into a dynamic celebration of graffiti culture and community. This special event was graced by the presence of Lugosis, the Italian artist with a current base in Berlin.

Lugosis, whose artistic roots trace back to Italy, now crafts his art in Berlin. His journey began on the walls of his family home, influenced by Milan’s urban energy. His art, a fusion of whimsical, cartoon-like figures and profound themes, is inspired by the unique and the unconventional. Lugosis skillfully employs a range of mediums, from graffiti to tattoos, to share his distinct worldview, championing the beauty of non-conformity and unbiased understanding.

The event featured a wall painted by Lugosis, alongside the release of a limited edition t-shirt showcasing his signature illustrative style. This exclusive apparel quickly became a hit with enthusiasts, capturing the essence of the gathering. Additionally, sticker sets adorned with Lugosis’ designs were offered, allowing attendees to take a tangible piece of the event home with them.

For those interested in exploring more, visit the Montana Store online here and follow the artist here to stay updated on his latest works and events.