Meeting JEPSY and reflecting on Train Graffiti

Graffiti artist JEPSY has been an iconic figure in the graffiti world, particularly in the realm of German train graffiti. His work, characterized by a unique blend of New York style and meticulous technique, has left a lasting mark since the 1990s. As a prominent member of TRD crew, JEPSY’s contributions have been significant, making him a natural choice for the Montana ICONIC Series. During a recent meeting, JEPSY shared insights into his artistic journey. He highlighted the complexities of train graffiti, from adapting to environmental factors to the excitement of executing a piece. His approach was methodical, always aligning his creative vision with the practical aspects of his canvas – the trains.

JEPSY also stressed the value of capturing his art. Despite the transient nature of graffiti, he diligently photographed his work, preserving the essence of his style and the fleeting moments of his creations. As an Icon in the graffiti community, JEPSY inspired with his authenticity and contributions. For more check out our detailed interview in this post!

The Montana Cans ICONIC SERIES feat. JEPSY – Color tone „Dirty Grey”

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Photography © JEPSY TRD, Video by André Sasse