In the vibrant city of Antwerp, Belgium, the renowned international graffiti event, Meeting of Styles (MOS), unfolded its canvas from August 18th to 20th, 2023. This annual spectacle, hosted by Aerosolkings, transformed an old industrial site into a breathtaking exhibition of creativity, drawing artists and spectators from around the globe.

The Essence of Street Art in the Heart of Antwerp

The event saw the participation of an eclectic mix of artists, including Iota, Defo, Aerosolkings, Rizeone, Skill, Derm, Fleks one, Machine, Resm one, Tuzq, Simian Switch, Boriz, Bakerone, Eltipo, Smok, Lafranz, Fokus, Malakkai, Bird, Bare, Danny Rumble, Nils Ego, Gosh7, Mr.Mong, Sapo, Rbelx, Sawer, A squid called Sebastian, Obskur, Ma’la, Skyhigh, Revesone, Rosbe, Jakob, Andrea 639, Xearte, Saves, Aura, Art the Wolf, Unis, Skate 258, Debza, Uri, Heny, Faso, Exer, Quapos, Bigtato, Snuz, Wios, Panik, Wory, Roo, Seno, Briks, Sidok, Core one, Skare, Jums, Jone, Darry Perier, Cecko, Sigma, Eter 91, Ocréos, Senpai, Warios, Ypsilon, Reaks, Lindert Stegen, Staylo, Cimon, Trevor, Xoep, Zoink, Cayn, Siger, Vents, Dizoe, Iksté, Wuste, Bias, MrX, Jamer, who brought the walls to life with their unique styles and visions. The fusion of talent was complemented by the dynamic beats of live DJs such as Thong & Droppa, Definitely J, Spin, Headnod, and the legendary Dj Grazzhoppa, making the atmosphere electric.

The Palette of Creativity: Montana Cans at Its Best

At the core of the artists’ toolkit were the vibrant hues from the Montana Black/Gold color range, providing the perfect medium to express their artistry. The event showcased the versatility of skinny and fat caps, allowing for a wide range of effects and textures. This year, the canvas of 3,000 square meters was adorned with not just colors but the spirit of street culture.

More Than Just an Event: A Movement

Meeting of Styles is not merely an event; it’s a movement powered by a non-profit organization passionate about street culture and graffiti art. With a history of over 200 events worldwide, MOS has become a global platform for artists to share, connect, and inspire. The organization’s mission goes beyond art; it’s about bringing people together, fostering intercultural cooperation, and envisioning a better world.

Capturing Moments: The Visual Chronicle

The event was visually chronicled by Manuela Geypen, capturing the essence and vibrancy of the gathering. Through her lens, the stories of the artists and their creations were told, adding another layer to the already rich tapestry of the event.

A Must-See Cultural Hotspot

Every year, the Meeting of Styles Belgium becomes a magnet for both national and international talent, turning an old industrial site into a hotspot of artistic expression. It’s a place where art, culture, and community converge, making it a must-visit for anyone passionate about the urban street culture and graffiti art.

All images by Manuela Geypen

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the success of MOS Belgium 2023, we look forward with anticipation to the next gathering of minds and spirits. The event not only showcases the incredible talent within the street art community but also underscores the power of art in uniting people across different cultures and backgrounds. Meeting of Styles Belgium remains a beacon of creativity, and we extend our gratitude to all the artists, DJs, organizers, and spectators who made this year’s event unforgettable. Let’s continue to support and celebrate the art that transforms spaces and brings people together. For more information and to stay updated on future events, follow Meeting of Styles Belgium on Instagram and Facebook.

Hosted by the dedicated team at Aerosolkings, the spirit of MOS Belgium continues to thrive, promising more colors, more styles, and more stories in the years to come.