The new exhibition “Beyond The Lands”, by Australian artist Adnate has recently opened in Melbourne Australia to rave reviews and a sold out opening. Adnate has manage to pay homage and respect to some of Australia’s Indigenous communities in his chosen visual format of painting. Respectfully so as an outsider and of non-indigenous roots himself. Adnate himself described it like this: “Its been an amazing journey over the last few years connecting and getting to know local and national Indigenous Australians.
Growing up in inner city Melbourne, I had very little exposure to Australia’s Indigenous people. When I started learning about their traditions and culture, I was so inspired. It completely changed the way I thought about Indigenous Australians and their continued struggle to maintain traditions and live in our modern world. I hope that through my work, more people will see the strength and beauty within Australia’s Indigenous community.
I’ve been so lucky to meet and document the Indigenous people throughout Australia. To receive the permission from Elders is an honour and I feel so privileged. But I still have a lot to learn – we all do. Their culture has a depth that can be difficult to comprehend whilst living in this modern age.” You can share his visual journey after the jump.

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Adnate Beyond The Lands
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