This video was shot in Oslo and shows the work of Mister GREN and MASK. See what happened when Mister GREN and MASK used our Montana BLACK (SPIDER) and Montana ULTRA WIDE for their handstyle mixing graffiti and calligraphy.

Together they form a duo called GRAPHOMANIA

Growing up together they embraced the graffiti movement back in 1998 and afterwards their passion for letters led them into calligraffiti in 2008. A night of that year, after a couple of pints, the infamous duo was born with the purpose of bringing calligraphy to the streets. Having their roots in old school graffiti movements some unwritten rules are part of their modus operandi. They reject using helping devices like video projectors or tracing letters with chalk. Most of their works are kind of a spontaneous freestyle. The willing of evolving this style is a keystone within their research but they always show respect for letters, without transforming them in a painting exercise emptying the original shapes.
Nevertheless, the passion for letters led them trying different media showing that calligraphy can be done in a multitude of ways. The willing of breaking up conventions and tracing new paths is the propeller of their creative energy. Mister GREN was the pioneer within snow and sand calligraphy and developed a personal handstyle mixing graffiti and calligraphy that he named “oneline calligraphy”. MASK has a even stronger background within graffiti. Furthermore, due to his work he is directly involved in the video production of graphomania collective, taking his nerdy attitude to develop equipment and solutions for the making of as well as post process.

Mister Gren Mask Graphomania Collective Calligraffiti

More about the Artist

www.instagram.com/mister_gren | www.facebook.com/ilmistergren

www.instagram.com/maskisnotmyrealname | www.facebook.com/maskisnotmyrealname