Monochrome: Working with the Classics

„Clean and simple“ best describes the MONOCHROME-series concept of Spraydaily: graffiti videos, which feature one writer and three cans in each episode. The motor driving is a small team of editors collecting daily graffiti-updates including videos, flix and interviews with artists from all over the world. The project was kicked off in April 2015 and has been consistently busy ever since. Artists such as SPORT, KAOS, WANE, SOBEKCIS and many, many more have been featured in these short clips, in which the artists is supplied with a few cans of our new Montana BLACKOUT and WHITEOUT and a can of our popular Montana SILVERCHROME, to create a piece with rich contrasts.

A Video-Series on “Clean and Simple”

Lucious outlines seem to appear magically, as if the can were guiding the hand in stead of the other way around. The clips range from 1 1/2 to 2 minutes and really give you some unique insight into the art of bombing on a variety of surfaces. The high coverage of these cans is demonstrated nicely, establishing its rank as no. 1 in the range of products for bombing. The designs are as the title implies „clean and simple“, focusing on outlines with minimalistic and smooth backgrounds. Spraydaily is a great coop partner and we’re looking forward to exciting new projects in the future.

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