The ACRYLIC marker and paint range has done a lot of yards with classic graffiti artists. Thats why it is even more inspiring when super talented artists not in that discipline take the materials to a whole new level, or better yet a new location. Introducing New York based artist, Amber Vittoria. With an instagram bio sentence stating ” Dismantling societal tropes set upon women”, we knew we were going to be in for something special when we invited her to feature in the latest Montana ACRYLIC Series film. And Vittoria didn’t disappoint.

With a client list featuring some international heavy weight brands like NBC, Gucci, Adidas, The New York Times, and Instagram, Vittoria has been tackling the subject of the portrayal of women in art for quite some time. Both in her illustration work as well as her fine art work. And with client names like those we mentioned, this engaging subject has a large audience to play with. Including the added dynamic of fashion, she also helps change and challenge stereotypes for the positive in industries that are otherwise loaded with unrealistic portrayals of women. But it doesn’t end there. As an ADC annual award winner, Vittoria is under the world creativity spotlight and seems comfortable with that too. Moving from brush pens to the water-based ACRYLIC marker range was an easy step for Amber Vittoria. The speed of drying, brilliant opacity and coloration, endless possibilities of mixing colors and the varied sizes the marker range gave her to play with, meant it was a thumbs up for making a transition. The extra bonus of being able to use it with brushes and get results as vibrant as any acrylic tube paint made it a no-brainer.

Creating contemporary classics

With an assertively feminine touch, her strong bold images are not only easy on the eye, they are also to be taken seriously in their ability to broaden the portrayal of women in society generally. The works often display rounded features, proportional challenges and body hair in the places it normally grows. Which can be a grounding and refreshing experience for the plastic photo-shopped version society is normally served up in glossy magazines. On a recent visit to her New York studio, we were honored to capture a small portion of her creative world on film. And we would love to share it with you here.

Recent Artwork by Amber painted with Montana ACRYLIC markers and ink


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Photography & Film by Montana Cans / Jordan Katz