Montana ACRYLIC SERIES featuring MINA – Simplify your life

The German artist Mina has well and truly proved that when it comes to her artwork, she has nothing to prove. As a former Montana BLACK Artist Series can designer, prolific graffiti and fine artist, the Berlin-based creator has been on our radar for quite a while. With a strong track record on the streets, in the galleries, and online, even the Coronavirus lockdown brought the best out of her. The sum of all this was, we needed to visit her in the studio and see what happens in her creation process, behind closed doors. However, with the camera running of course. Her simple message, “Simplify your Life”. And in times of complication and confusion, she couldn’t be more right. 

With her workspace filled with Montana ACRYLIC range materials, Montana EMPTY markers, brushes, and printing materials, it was clear that we weren’t there to see her throw down a piece with Montana BLACK or GOLD cans. Instead, her versatility and dynamic approaches re-confirmed that she knows her art-making tools and can handle them all.

Not restricted by only graffiti, her abstract compositions and female figures have strength all their own. It’s clear to see she is a writer or has graffiti in her blood, but she is not restricted by being a writer. To put the icing on the cake, in the end, a piece with Montana BLACK and GOLD was still thrown down. A well-rounded day in the studio of a fully rounded artist. To see more, take a look here:

To put the icing on the cake, in the end, a piece with Montana BLACK and GOLD was still thrown down. A well-rounded day in the studio of a fully rounded artist. We thought it was a great opportunity to try and find out more about the mind, behind the ideas, that uses the name, MINA MANIA. Here is what Mina had to say:

MC – We notice that you conceal your identity in your videos and online presence, has this come about since the “Welcome to Yolo Land” project, or is it important for you to separate your artistic identity from your real-life identity?

MINA – It’s a 50/50 matter. The “Welcome to Yolo Land” project made my look more special, but I have always worn masks. My studio partner Push Plastic and I have fun creating fashion. We upcycle and sew outfits from used shopping bags. With that, they get a second life, and the results are impressive. We want to make a statement because people have no appreciation for many everyday objects. Plastic bags and linen bags often end up in the trash. I combine my plastic fashion with the right mask and do graffiti video performances with it.

MC – If you had to identify a common thread or link between your graffiti work and your studio work, what would that (or they) be?

MINA – I am interested in new techniques in painting, printing, materials, and fashion. Graffiti is my big context and basis.

MC – When you use the Montana ACRYLIC refills and brushes, what is your favorite substrate to work on? Paper, canvas, or other?

MINA – I love using them on paper. 

MC – Do you now do studio work that you would have imagined yourself doing many years ago? Or is the creative path you’re on completely different from what you would have imagined?

MINA – I always had a vision of what I wanted to do. But I think it’s impossible to plan it in advance. A lot is due to the process and the flow, then I let myself be carried away by the magic of the moment. The most surprising results come spontaneously and take me on new paths. 

MC – You appear to do quite a bit of collaborative work. Do you prefer to work this way, or are you just as happy working solo?

MINA – Both are important to me. I enjoy collaborative projects very much because the exchange is inspiring and motivating. Working towards a common goal, immersing into the creative universe of another artist, and mixing our two worlds at an exciting point is a very enriching experience. 

MC – Does your graffiti work and your studio have different origins or influences? 

MINA – There are a few similarities, but I prefer to work completely differently on canvas than outside with the can. 

 MC – In the context of the previous question, do the same things motivate your creativity?

MINA – My creative flow arises from the variety of possibilities and influences. I have different interests, many visions, and enjoy working on several projects at the same time. There is always a connection from one to the other, which makes new ideas blossom and motivates me.  

MC – Is using cans an important part of your artistic development? 

MINA – Yes, it is. I enjoy doing graffiti a lot.

MC – Do you tend toward Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD?

MINA – I tend toward Montana BLACK.

MC – What is your favorite can/cap combination?

MINA – Montana BLACK with a standard cap (the black one with the white dot).

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Photography by Jordan Katz © MONTANA-CANS