This is an official Warning! If you are not able to view high levels of style and innovation then it is now time to look away. The industrial area of Snösätra in Stockholm and the time is the end of summer 2022. The local Hall Of Fame is the location and the assortment of international artists includes NOMAD, ABYSS, KEAR, and DEPOT. This can only mean one thing, a style session featuring a bombastic array of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans that is bound to have local, national, and international repercussions as soon as the photos go online. And if this is what you were thinking, you guessed correctly. 

Creating a storm of style in Sweden

Two days and a small heatwave later, we are left with a variety of graffiti style writing burners that take traditional and contemporary graffiti letters in new directions together. A blaze of color, arrows, geometry, abstract, and figurative motifs clash together on the humble bricks that have played home to the countless layers of Sweden’s graffiti done by the movers and shakers of the scene. 

More color, more letters, more burners

When the main course was over, some of the other walls in the area played host to ideas that got away from the main wall. Letters were created with more color and more style, that went in even more directions for the locals to ponder. The result is a gathering of 4 artists that can only be described as fresh. Take a look for yourself here and get an insight into the Snösätra summer session.

All images by the Artists