JEPSY – a name, a myth, a legend. His timeless, classy, and New York-infused letters have influenced generations of writers worldwide ever since the 1990s. Critically acclaimed publications such as his volume of the On the Run Blackbook series turned into ultimate genre classics. The first edition from 1997 was republished in 2010 with some updates, which once more solidified JEPSY’s status. No wonder: bursting with lovely styles, crisp outlines, well-balanced color combinations, and lush analog pictures of trains, today’s beholders quickly develop a decent amount of nostalgia flipping through the pages.

The latest Montana Cans ICONIC SERIES feat. JEPSY – Color tone „Dirty Grey” made from the Montana GOLD range. Equipped with a skinny black black – only while stock lasts. MONTANA-CANS – Highest quality made in Germany

Another decade later, his characteristic semi-wild styles have not lost their initial allure. So, what artist could fit better into the Montana ICONIC SERIES than this member of the famous TRD crew from the golden era of German train graffiti? Now is the time to revive the spirit of classic steel trains! Inspired by the original color palette of everyone’s favorite canvas, the collaboration plays with expectations and pays homage to Jepsy’s origins.

Photography © JEPSY TRD, Video by André Sasse

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