Stuttgart is a German city known for many things. For the Graffiti and Urban Art community it is also know as the home of Jeroo. On a recent studio visit we were lucky enough to see Jeroo create and were astonished at his ability to take us to another place using such a diverse range of materials. With his Montana GOLD TrueTone Color guide, the sketch was shown and the color combo decided. With a majority Montana GOLD cans and a touch of Montana Metallic Effect spray, the list of materials didn’t stop there. The image itself was as diverse as the materials used. A classic Jeroo design with a merging of birds, geometry and a galactic touch that was created to perfection.

Making of

Take some time to be amazed here.

The Montana ACRYLIC line got the full treatment as well. Everything from 2mm to 15mm pre-filled ACRYLIC markers were used up until it was time to mix his own brew and create colors exactly as he needed. The Montana EMPTY markers rose to the challenge with a little support from the PM Short marker range.

But it was not just about product, Jeroo was choosing his tools carefully and considerately. Every item played a role to making the image reach his goals. Even Holographic effects came to play before being sealed and secured with Montana Varnish. The result a stunning intergalactic painting worthy of any viewer or collection.

Images by Jordan Katz (Montana Cans)