Well they told us there would be graffiti all day and partying all night. And they didn’t lie! The Montana Store Vienna did not disappoint as host and curator as graffiti of every size and scale was created in honor of the MSV’s first birthday. Case Maclaim, NYCHOS, 1UP CREW, Lugosis & Strato, JBCB, Anna T-Iron and the crew at Spraycity.at all came up with some absolute bangers. Case going for size and impact while humor, style, funk and technique were all covered by the remaining talented artists.

Graffiti all day – Party all night

It didn’t matter if you were tattooed from head to tail, wearing sunglasses at night, holding a hair fern or a can of Montana GOLD in one hand and a Montana BLACK in the other! The party had something for everyone and the inclusion of the limited edition Montana Store Vienna first birthday can was the icing of the cake. If you weren’t having fun, it’s probably because you were not there. Check out the people who did manage to make it here.



Images by Akos Vincze & Leon Colerus