The twenty-third reason to celebrate BLACK and Yellow

The release of the Montana BLACK Artist Edition can series featuring Spanish artist LAIA isn’t just the twenty-third reason to celebrate the release of this prestigious collectible can. For the Montana Store Vienna in Austria, it was also a great reason to have an exhibition in their world classed gallery space while celebrating a visit from this talented lady.

BLACK and yellow, black and yellow…

BLACK and Yellow were the common themes connecting the LAIA graffiti dots as her chosen Artist Edition can color, the Montana BLACK Yellow 1030, was lovingly placed alongside freshly painted white walls that had been embellished with the simple yet flavorful “LA” throw-ups. All of which had the powerful Montana BLACK Black 9001 outlines that made them pop.

Her style and approach to graffiti are clear and uncompromising

Pretending to be something she is not isn’t something that LAIA is known for. Her style and approach to graffiti are clear and uncompromising. Resulting in graffiti imagery that you remember, with her throw-ups being no exception. As a compliment to the release of the LAIA Artist Edition can, the artwork on the walls, and the freshly designed apparel by the lady herself, a signed and framed can lithography plate also drew the eyes of the crowd back onto the wall.


All good things however must come to an end. Just like the availability of the Montana BLACK 23rs Artist Edition can by LAIA. So don’t sleep on this one and add it to your Montana Cans Limited Edition can collection as soon as you can while it’s still available.