The last four years have been a roller coaster of milestones, achievements, and hurdles for the Montana Store Vienna. Not only did they open one of the freshest custom-made graffiti stores supplying all of the Montana Cans products in Austria, but they also supported and initiated many graffiti projects, ran a top-notch in-store gallery, collaborated on an array of collectible limited-edition artworks, and managed to do all this and survive every restriction and barrier covid could throw at them. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

Celebrating with Jakob Der Bruder

That’s where Jakob Der Bruder (Jacob the brother) comes into the picture. A name that has often been connected with MSV graffiti-related activities, Jakob is no stranger to the balancing act of the street and the white cube. With a unique style that merges graffiti with sculpture and illustration, Jakob was the featured artist for the MSV gallery where on July 1st 2022, the 4th year anniversary celebration took place.

No stranger to the balancing act of the street and the white cube

It wasn’t just his eye-catching mural that stole the show on the back wall of the MSV gallery, it was also backed up by some strong ceramic artwork, limited edition 30/30 embossed prints, and the release of a new embroidered t-shirt design.

4 years of full shelves

As the tunes played and the wine went down like water, the crowd filled the inside and outside of the store. All to the backdrop of full shelves of Montana Cans products and the hospitality of the most committed team of graffiti shop operators in Austria.

If you couldn’t make it to the night, take a moment here to see how the Montana Store Vienna celebrated its 4th year of existence.

Images by Montana Store Vienna