We at MONTANA-CANS trust in change and in every company’s obligation to share and pay it forward. The community based organisation “Nyota – for Children in Africa” is one of the charity projects that are of major importance to us and that is supported on a regular base. So recently some members of the MONTANA-CANS team traveled during holidays to the Nyota Day Care Centre which located in Western Kenya to visit the project and volonteer.



Besides a continuous material support for the orphans MONTANA-CANS also supports the organic farming project to secure food supply for the children at the Nyota Day Care Centre. That is very important especially in times of increasing drought periods and sky rocking food prices. Regular tree planting actions take place, currently the main focus is on the famous Moringa tree, also known as the “Miracle Tree”. All parts of the fast growing plant can be consumed either as food or medicine and contain an unbeatable amount of nutrients – a real lifesaver…


Nyota is Kiswahili for „star“ symbolizing hope. The organization concentrates on helping orphans in Kenya through a Day Care Centre founded in 2008. Under the motto „help through selfhelp“ the basic needs (food, primary health care, school and vocational education) are supported. MONTANA-CANS employes are involved and take direct action in that project for many years. For more information on the project visit their website www.nyota-ev.de

You cans also help by making a donation! Your contribution is highly apreciated and will help to make a change in those children’s life. Every single Euro or Dollar will help – You can make a donation here: betterplace.org/nyota

Photography by Alexander Krziwanie / MONTANA-CANS