The Montana ULTRA WIDE spray paint line was the very first of its kind, the world over. It not only changed the game, it re-invented it. We’ve been at it again with some new innovation. We proudly welcome two new colors to the line, NAPPIES and ROYAL PURPLE. These new colors were chosen due to their popular and much loved opaqueness and coverage in the Montana BLACK 400ml color space and are now available within our high-pressure 750ml tool.MONTANA ULTRA WIDE 750ML NEW QUALITY NEW COLORS

The ULTRA WIDE set the path for extreme wide output spraying. Varying from 15cm wide (if held close to the spray surface with a faster spray stroke), to the most extreme color being Chrome, which can reach an output width of up to 60cm (if applied slowly at a greater distance from the substrate). In true homage to street calligraphy we also offer the ULTRA LINER cap which is a round spray output and your next best option to using a fire extinguisher. Go visit your local Montana Cans dealer now to put the game in your own hands.

New Quality – Montana ULTRA WIDE Black Color

And sometimes even the #GAMECHANGER might need a little makeover, right? So while we were at it, we also re-invented our original product, the MONTANA CANS ULTRA WIDE – more opaque, covering more ground with less effort and making sure to provide you with the comprehensive blackness you have been getting used to from all our paints. Readily identifiable through the “improved quality” slogan, printed on lids and donuts and available from now.

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Good Guy Boris with Montana ULTRA WIDE