Akut’s signature art making style is photo-realism, and his 25 year experience in this genre as well as being the founding member of the internationally renowned graffiti crew, “Maclaim”, has put him at the top of his league internationally. During our visit to his studio, shared with Jasmin Siddiqui, also know as the “Hera” part of Herakut, we watched as the duo worked on a 1m x 1.5m canvas for their recent exhibition “displayed thoughts”, at Urban nation in Berlin. Falk took the opportunity to test drive the new Montana Transparent colors in the Montana GOLD range which work perfectly for creating soft gradients, smooth overlays and allow him to paint over parts of his artwork without destroying it…

1504_akut_studio_gold_transparents-5816 1504_akut_studio_gold_transparents-5825 1504_akut_studio_gold_transparents-5858

It was amazing to see Akut using small shaped pieces of cardboard to manipulate the application of paint which accentuated the characteristics of the Montana GOLD NC-Acrylic lacquer. With flick of the wrist, the wipe of a finger or the sweep of a small piece of cardboard, the image magically transforms from an area of color, to a delicate detail in an eye showing emotion and empathy…