Have you been to Russia? If you have, you will probably know that Russians know how to party (Tusui). However they also know how to paint (Risui), write graffiti, draw, illustrate, animate, and generally be creative. The Moscow based artist Sasha RTS is guilty of having exactly this DNA makeup. He also happens to be an active member of the Risui Tusui Studio. Sasha RTS can best be described as multidisciplinary. There are very few forms of art-making this artist doesn’t actually do. The rest are all on the “Done That” list. Since 2010 he has been mixing it up creatively with success in illustration, painting walls, and murals, taking photos, or winning the famous Secret Walls illustration battle.

Risui Tusui – Paint and Party

But Sasha RTS is not on his own. Or at least not always. With a suitcase full of local and global collaborations with major brands, artists, and musicians, Sasha RTS is just as successful as a team player as he is as a solo artist. Luckily for us, he still likes to pick up a can of Montana BLACK or GOLD and hit the bricks. But for now, take a look at SASHA RTS in action boasting his precise drawing and illustration skills with a firm grip on the Montana ACRYLIC marker range.

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