MOST, of the JBCB crew is known for being a prolific artist. His general high output of fresh pieces that are powered by Montana BLACK cans can be seen regularly. Recently he was responsible for the make-over of the Montana BLACK can color Nostradamus. Which can now be known as MOSTRADAMUS and is part of the Montana BLACK, Limited Edition Artist series. Among all these achievements, he also recently visited the new Montana Cans Store in Vienna, AustriaMOST AT MONTANA CANS STORE VIENNA

Austria gets visited by the prophet


His visit meant that Vienna was not only blessed with some full color artworks on it’s streets, the walls of the store were also adorned with MOST fine art work on paper and in stalled. MOST showed his strengths and versatility. With a never ending array of techniques and letter styles, we are happy to share the moment with you here.