The Montana ACRYLIC marker range is now more luminous then ever with the inclusion of the new ACRYLIC fluorescent colors. Available as single ACRYLIC FINE markers (2mm) or as an assorted set of 6 Fine markers (including White Pure). The new Fluorescent colors are Flash Yellow, Power Orange, Fire Red, Gleaming Pink and Acid Green.

Ideal for creating great fluorescent effects while matching their equivalent Montana GOLD can colors, the Montana ACRYLIC Fluorescent colors also glow under UV light in darkness. The 5 new ACRYLIC fluorescent colors are also available as 180ml and 25ml refill bottles, perfect in combination also for brush or air brush application. For best results and greatest luminosity, apply to white or pre-whitened surfaces.

Montana GOLD can also be applied by brush. Carefully spray the required amount of paint into a non-polystyrene holding container (e.g.tin, beaker or cup)
The Paint remains wet and workable for several hours depending on temperature humidity. Place the brush into the container and load bristles with paint as required.

Most painting tools can also be easily cleaned after use with Montana ACETONE 400ml. For best results apply ACETONE as soon as possible to effected areas.
(please test materials you wish to use ACETONE on for durability)

the new fluorescent paints were tested by the artist Bernardo Maldonado Morales, cartoonist, illustrator and signpainter

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