The time has come! We are staying on track for our BLACK artists series goal of releasing one can each quarter featuring world renowned artists of our choosing. For our 6th BLACK artist edition can we asked Stockholm-based artist Kaos to create the design. It was clear that his influence on the scene writers worldwide would be reflected in his can. His color of choice was our BLK 3145 Punk Pink“ which he used to give our BLACK logo a little punk-style of its own.

New BLACK limited Edition-KAOS-3124
KAOS-6235 KAOS-6247 KAOS-6252

The white anarchy-sign on the black and pink colored can adds the final touch to his design. Starting in the 80s Kaos was captured by the allure of graffiti writing when it reached his hometown of Uppsala in Sweden. After moving to Stockholm in 1987 he became a valued artist and key activist in Stockholms graffiti writing scene. His impact on Swedish and European graffiti is essential, since he has been involved in nearly every turning point – or revolution if you will – within Swedish graffiti. He tells his story in his book Vandals in motion. We are loving the new design for our BLACK artist series and hope you grab one for your collection as soon as they hit the shelves. 

KAOS-6257 KAOS-6268 KAOS-6278 KAOS-6285 KAOS-6294 KAOS-6296

New BLACK limited Edition: Kaos