New Montana ALUMINIUM PRIMER 400ml available T2450


The quality of the finish when painting on metals in the studio, on projects at home or for DIY was made extremely easy with the help of the Montana PRIMER 400ml Metal. But time and time again there is that one piece of metal or project made of aluminium where no exact primer existed. That is until now! By popular demand, we welcome the Montana PRIMER 400ml ALUMINIUM T2450 to our Montana Cans PRIMER product family. With the introduction of this much-needed primer, working with aluminium can now become a long term affair.

The Montana PRIMER 400ml – ALUMINIUM is the ideal primer for preparing aluminium surfaces to help fight against the development of flaking and cracking. The easy to use, matte finish light grey primer is delivered through a medium pressure system that is fixed standard with a Montana FLAT JET Medium cap for optimal results.

Coating aluminium made easy and long-lasting

Pre-sand your project or artwork with fine sandpaper and ensure the surface must be free of all dust, oils, and dirt. As with all the Montana Cans aerosol products, shake well for 2-3 minutes so you can hear the mixing balls moving freely. Then apply in thin even strokes in a sweeping, side to side motion. Extra coats can be applied after 5 minutes and color can be applied after 2-4 hours when the primer is dry.

The Montana PRIMER 400ml ALUMINIUM can then be coated with Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK, Montana WHITE, Montana TECH, and EFFECT coatings. So from now on, there are no excuses when it comes to coating metals. With the Montana PRIMER 400ml METAL and ALUMINIUM, you have the right tools for any job.

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