The New Montana Cotton Bag – Lugosis

In the tradition of style and function, the Montana Cans Cotton Bag Series has a new edition to the collection. This time the featured artists is none other than Italian stylemaster Lugosis. Renowned for marrying classic graffiti lettering with fresh illustration, Lugosis is also a sought after Tattoo Artist. And for those with their eyes open, you may of also noticed his artwork on the recently introduced 400ml Montana BLACK can boxesNew Montana Cotton Bag Lugosis

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There is nothing better then being able to have an artwork that is both aesthetic and functional. The Montana Cans Cotton Bag  enables you to do just that. With alternating feature artists, the Montana Cotton Bags are the perfect way to carry and transport your goods and valuables. But it doesn’t stop there as they are also a perfect re-usable alternative to plastic bags.

Collect them all and carry your belongings in style!

The Lugosis’s bag is a clever black line illustration design on a white cotton background. With the right combination with style and humor, Lugosis brings yet another „must have“ to the collectable Cotton Bag Series. The ultimate transport method, the cotton bags are both sturdy and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic that is re-usable and strong.

Montana BLACK 400ml can boxes designed by LUGOSIS