The Montana counter mat series has been presented in many forms and shapes. Along with great designs and vibrant colors, it is no surprise that the newest mat introduced to the series also carries an important message. “DON’T GET BUSTED”!  As the latest addition to the Montana counter mat series, DON’T GET BUSTED reaches the core of Montana spray can and marker users. Regardless of whether to lean toward a Montana GOLD, BLACK, WHITE or ULTRA WIDE can, or your guilty pleasure is the Montana BOLD marker series, DON’T GET BUSTED is a universal message that rings true in every country on the planet.

peering eyes that look knowingly from the wrong side of the jail bars

The 40 x 25cm sizing makes this counter mat yet another winner for your store or personal Montana merch collection. The DON’T GET BUSTED message is complemented by peering eyes that look knowingly from the wrong side of the jail bars. All while a timeless Montana TYPO LOGO sits humbly at the bottom right-hand side. 
Made of the same sturdy PVC vinyl material as the rest of the mats in the series, durability and protection are assured for the surfaces this mat is used on. Yet another collectible for the collection or an ideal functional store decorator, the Montana DON’T GET BUSTED Counter Mat is only available while stocks last. Speak to your local Montana Cans re-seller for more information.