What do concussion, “Golden Paper Crown III” and the Hit & Run project at Norra Station Street Art Gallery in Sweden have to do with each other? Usually very little. But in the case of Nuno Viegas‘s recent trip to Sweden, these three points form the main parts to his trip. As far as he can remember? The Hit & Run project at Norra Station Street Art Gallery is trying to combine the creation of world class Street Art with the viewers being able to experience the beauty of the creative process. Artists drop in during a six month period and create work in the space. The catch is it may be in the possible presence of onlookers. To kick off the project, Viegas created “Golden Paper Crown lll” on a wall space in the gallery after the success of the first two versions that were painted on canvas.

Norra Station Gallery – Sweden

Never before had the artist intermixed the use of Montana GOLD cans, Montana BLACK cans and the Montana ACRYLIC products as successfully as in this space. At least he thinks this is the case? As a passionate surfer and skater, the offer by his hosts to go snow boarding (for his first time) was so inviting that he had a fall that resulted in concussion, hospital and short term memory loss. Luckily the artist chose to snow board after the work was completely, just incase something was to happen.

Every picture tells a story but this picture has more going on than most. Look closely and be impressed.

All images by the artist – Nuno Viegas