The world of graffiti art has consistently produced artists who push the boundaries of conventional art and captivate us with their creativity. One such artist is Nychos, an Austrian graffiti master who recently embarked on a remarkable project that transformed delivery vans into mobile artworks.

Nychos is widely recognized for his astonishing depictions of anatomical motifs and surreal creatures, often blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. His art is a fascinating blend of graffiti, pop culture, and intricate precision. However, his latest project takes it a step further by turning ordinary delivery vans into artworks that literally roll on wheels. Why delivery vans, you may wonder? Nychos intentionally chose this unconventional approach to integrate art into people’s everyday lives. Delivery vans are a common sight in our cities and streets, typically used for transporting goods and cargo, not known as art galleries. Nychos challenged this convention by choosing Montana Cans spray cans as his medium of choice to transfer his unique visions onto the van’s bodies.

The results were astounding. Nychos created detailed and impressive depictions of animals, humans, and fantastical creatures that came to life on the delivery vans. His artworks were not only visually striking but also mobile, making them a constant presence on the streets.

Nychos’ delivery van project, illustrated once again that Graffiti Art isn’t confined to walls; it can infiltrate and transform urban spaces. These rolling artworks became mobile galleries, drawing the gaze of passersby and demonstrating how art can influence the environment we live in, infusing it with creativity and inspiration.

All images by the artist Nychos