Code Red connections

Jam on! The Pantograff Art Store team and association from the Czech Republic know what it takes to put on a good graffiti jam. Lots of Montana BLACK and GOLD cans, 30 or so fresh graffiti writers, and a wall long enough to facilitate the burning session that was Pantograffiti Jam 21 in the city of Brnê.

A good graffiti jam needs writers, wall space, and Montana Cans

On May 13th, 2023, with a little help from the local Linde Company who supplied enough concrete wall space for the event, even the gray skies couldn’t hold back the talent as the team of graffiti style writers unfolded their designs on the deep blue rolled background. To connect this diverse group of creators, the infamous color Code Red from the Montana BLACK line was chosen to be the thread throughout the whole production. Whether as an outline, key line, highlight, fill color, or part of the background, the red and blue dynamic popped through all the pieces that displayed styles as varied as abstract typography, through to classic well-proportioned rounded graffiti letters.

Connecting the dots with deep blue and Code Red

And if it wasn’t the popping colors making people pop, then the smell of barbequed sausages was definitely in the air to help keep sustenance in all the writers who were there to write their names. We look forward to seeing where the next Pantograff Jam takes us as we leave these pieces in Brno (pronounced BURnoh ) for locals and passersby to enjoy.