The Paradigm Shift is a visual confrontation that engages the viewer to assess how they perceive their own reality, by highlighting their perception of reality from a different vantage point. The exhibition will encourage the viewer to question their perceptions and preconceptions, and how we absorb scenarios through a filter of personal prejudices. The artist takes us on a journey of virtue and vice, illustrating the ambiance and the energy found in one of the most rebellious and popular movements today – Graffiti.

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These artworks effectively transmit to the viewer the experience, the same divine combination of thrill and delightfulness that Boris discovered while working with some of the world’s most dedicated graffiti writers, the ones that society had previously labelled as vandals and outlaws. Their artworks are accomplished with an unconditional enthusiasm, in places where others would not dare to approach. They create these with no financial gain in mind, only for the sake of the personal ‘eyegasm’; a ceremonious celebration of the ego, to which society only awards a penalty, and time behind bars.


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