Les Baux is a majestic town in Southern France with an amazing town square. With a fragrance of lavender, a perfect place to exist and connect nature with culture. Also a perfect place to make art. The a-part festival which was supported by MONTANA-CANS enabled just that to happen with an installation by German based artist duo Quintessenz called „Paradis Perdus“ using the color palette of Montana GOLD 400ml. Paradis Perdus Installation Quintessenz Festival France

The colors of the installation reflect that of the plants growing happily in the local gardens. Tones of violet, grey, and reds taken from the GOLD palette prosper in the intense sunlight. The wind blowing smoothly on the painted material non opaque highlights the Moiré-Optik effect, a digital like effect that morphs the artwork with the surrounds. The transparent cloth substrate both absorbs light, gives light and offers the viewer a window to what is behind. An amazing effect that intrigues.

Check out the final work here

More information on the a-part festival can be found here


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