June 10th – October 14th 2017

During the past eleven years, the Colab Gallery has established itself internationally as an excellent discoverer and mentor of contemporary urban artists. Right from the start, the gallery in Weil am Rhein attracted connoisseurs and collectors of the urban art scene. Due to the exhibition „Public Provocations III“, the gallery was honoured as early as 2011 by readers of the professional journal „Graffiti Art“ with the prize for the best group exhibition, competing against leading French, German and American galleries and museums. Upcoming Group Show presents the following artists:

JAYBO MONK (France), ICY & SOT (Iran), DIE_CAST (ZOER & VELVET) (France), ENRIC SANT (Spain), PASTEL (Argentina), SODA (Italy), KOSTAS SEREMETIS (United States), MOST (Germany) and LUGOSIS (Italy) PRISMA GROUP SHOW COLAB GALLERY

Opening Saturday, 10th June 2017 from 8 – 11 p.m. Most artists will be on site. Free entry

Almost 200 artists from all around the world have followed the invitation to come to Weil am Rhein in the tri-border-region  and present their art to an interested audience. Quite a few of them have managed to gain respectable entry on the national and international art market. With the upcoming exhibition „Prisma“ in June 2017, the Colab Gallery will be placing another exclamation mark in the world of urban art, thus completing the event of the Art Basel with the underrated field of urban art with an excelling list of participants of the highest quality. PRISMA GROUP SHOW COLAB GALLERY

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