For the release of the latest collaboration between Puma and Alife, the Dortmund based Foodt Store and New Peanuts held a little launch event. Also the storefront got a redesign by Rookie the Weird. Here is the recap video, find more pictures after the jump:

pumaXalife-9218 pumaXalife-9417 pumaXalife-9423 pumaXalife-9461 pumaXalife-9464 pumaXalife-9553 pumaXalife-9596 pumaXalife-9626 pumaXalife-9656 pumaXalife-9661 pumaXalife-9665 pumaXalife-9672 pumaXalife-9683 pumaXalife-9750 pumaXalife-9751 pumaXalife-9835 pumaXalife-9839 pumaXalife-9844 pumaXalife-9887 pumaXalife-9932 pumaXalife-9936 pumaXalife-9938 pumaXalife-9943 pumaXalife-9981 pumaXalife-9985

All images from Chokografie