Montana Cans has been doing it’s thing for many years now. So it is only logical that the headquarters in Heidelberg gets visited by people who themselves have been doing their graffiti thing for many years as well. On a recent visit, mastermind of the Drogheda Bridge Jam, father of two and godfather of Irish graffiti scene RASK TDA Klann, got his color on with the ever prolific Germany graffiti writer AtomOne. The location was the local hall of fame was Messeplatz. A place that itself is a historical graffiti site that has been coated with Montana BLACK, Montana GOLD and Montana WHITE for as long as these cans has existed.

Rumble at head quarters

On one of those special spring days, where the sun shines and your t-shirt gets it’s first outing, the two shook well and then let the flow follow. With over 50 years of graffiti experience between them, the walls of Messeplatz were once again given a facelift and a fresh perspective. Check it out here!

AtomOne & Rask Graffiti Session Hall of Fame Heidelberg, Germany


Photography by © MONTANA-CANS / Jok Sauer