Spot the Dot and Stichting Melanoom present: Rebel Against Skincancer – A worldwide skincancer awareness campaign. Join the rebellion starting from February 11 2017 by spreading the word online or by joining our free winterfestival in Groningen, The Netherlands with lots of music, graffiti art and more: Check out the Facebook event for more informations here. Rebel Against Skincancer

Skincancer is one of the most common cancer types amongst young people. Rebel with us to start a conversation about prevention and detection of melanoma and other types of skincancer. Fight the ignorance.  This skincancer awareness campaign is an initiative of Spot the Dot and Stichting Melanoom. The winterfestival is organized together with Rebel Rebel hostel in Groningen. Spot the Dot is A foundation organising projects to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer, learn more about it on their website spotthedot.org