A new creative face in Offenburg 

The German city of Offenburg is well aware of the importance and relevance of graffiti and street art in contemporary society. Although a slow starter compared to some German cities, the station and slaughterhouse district of Offenburg has become a new destination for public art. And they have managed to do that with a bang!

Recap of Mural_og Festival Offenburg

Starting a dialog, or is that muralog?

The Mural_og Festival may be a discrete play on words, but the vision of curator Markus Schwendemann is not subtle. The murals featured in Imagine Future are a reflection of Schwendemann’s vision to show the community that graffiti is more than just unreadable letters. And Mural_og opens a dialog with the community doing just that. To get the job done this April he had called on the skills of International artists Smash 137 (CH), Roids (UK), Ernst (FR), HorstJDI (DE), EasyJDI (DE), Emesa (DE), Talanvoa (UA) and Letters are my Friends (DE).

A new destination for public art

No boundaries and no restrictions enabled this diverse cast of characters to create in the large, long, short, and unique spaces throughout the area. Brushes plotted, lifts raised, and Montana GOLD and BLACK cans added color. All that was left to do was for the artists to add their own special touch of creativity to this new open-air gallery. The city plan to further support such spaces ensures that we will be hearing more from the artistic community and Offenburg. But until then enjoy the murals from Imagine Future. 

final walls

Images by Latifa Flaga & Panoranuel