This past weekend, on May 4th and 5th, the Schänzlebrücke Hall of Fame in Konstanz, Germany, came alive with vivid expressions of urban art during the “Sprühnebel Graffiti Jam.” Originally part of the annual Kunstnacht as the “Graffiti-Live-Session,” this event has evolved, celebrating its tenth anniversary with a new name and even more colorful energy.

A roster of talented artists, including CRUZE, RUSL, DATOR, SEMO, PHEW77, KSEN, KESUR, SAME, KEST, UNIKAT, PASTA, MOIN, Mr. JONES, POKE55, SMOK, ROBOT and Racko01, transformed the venue into a dynamic canvas. Their creations added layers of depth and vibrancy to the famed graffiti spot.

Capturing the essence of the jam, Tobias Hepfer and Studio Eminent provided stunning photographs and videos, now available for viewing. These visuals offer a glimpse into the creativity and spirit of the event.

Emin Hasirci, reflecting on the jam, shared, “Thank you for your support this year! Your backing made the event a huge success and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. It was a great pleasure to showcase Montana Cans in the best possible light. Thanks again for your support and commitment!”

For more details and to relive the spectacular moments of Sprühnebel 2024, visit the event’s page on Sprühnebel promises to continue as a beacon for graffiti enthusiasts and a testament to the vibrant street art culture in Konstanz. Mark your calendars for next year’s gathering of colors and creativity! More also on the IG profile.