It’s not called ROOFTOP “LEGENDS” for nothing. On October 12th 2019, the event is the brain child of New Design high schools Dean & Curator Jesse Pais of New York City, some true graffiti and street art legends came together to ignite the rooftop with color for the 2019 installation of the ROOFTOP LEGENDS graffiti jam. With the attendee list stating talent like Dmote, Bio, TATS crew, Cycle, Dez, Reas, Ces, Pure, Daze, Kel1st, Doc, Stash2, Keo, Part1, Mast, SP One, Claw, Queen Andrea, Chino, Ribs, Enue, Tristan Eaton, Dragon76, Jaek El Diablo, Vers, Bluster, Gorey, Albertus Joseph Cern and Wolf to name a few, it was certain to be an inferno. And with the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans a blazing, there was no stopping the visual fire.

The roof was on fire

The diverse line mixed old with new, styles with design, characters with illustration. A visual mind map of graffiti’s past, present and future. With a dedicated audience who appreciated the creative heritage in front of them. It wasn’t the artists alone that grabbed all the attention. The meeting was also complimented by music, workshops and of course, legendary New York break dance battles. If you missed the action, enjoy the re-cap here.


Photos by Joshua Reynolds / @VTechVisual