“One Hundred Wagons”

In October 2022, we featured some freight train artworks by the innovative young Ukrainian graffiti artist, RUBAE. To some of our readers, it was an introduction to the Ukrainian Kovalska freight train carriage movement, and to others a notification of RUBAE’s up-and-coming book which was to feature 100 of his works done from autumn 2018 to winter 2022. Six months and some serious world changes later, we are pleased to announce the pre-release of the RUBAE book “One Hundred Wagons” has started.

Depicting a unique period of Ukrainian graffiti, One Hundred Wagons falls into the role of a historical marker depicting a sub-genre of Ukrainian graffiti that documents the before, and after, of the current situation in the region.

This self-published book displays only a portion of RUBAE’s involvement in the Kovalska freight train movement which originally was supposed to feature one hundred works. It didn’t take long before RUBAE realized his fascination with the green steel carriages had taken him well beyond the one hundred wagon milestone resulting in 132 works being featured in the book.

With only a limited print run of 500 books, One Hundred Wagons is bound to be a collectible book faster than it became available.

All images by the artist RUBAE