For 27 years now, German graffiti artists Dreist from the Frankfurt Am Main region has been dedicating his heart and sole to graffiti. With many seasons under his belt, his experiences at other Graffiti Jams led him to thinking that there has to be a better way to do it. So as a one-man-army, he took it on himself to organize “Schichtweise – Urbanes Kunst Festival“.

What exactly is different you ask? With the Schichtweise Jam, the artists are not only invited to paint, but in the evenings when it’s time to down tools, Dreist has managed to create a greater sense of community sourcing walls and accommodation that alow all the participating artists to stay and eat together. His thinking being, if the artists don’t need to concentrate on where they will stay and what they will eat, then they have more energy to concentrate on their artworks. And by the photo series we received, we think he may have a good point! Take a look here at how the festival rolled out. Images by Jörg Udo Kuberek – www.mainstyle.org

Making of


A Graffiti Jam with a difference

On May 25th and 26th 2019, the 3rd round of Schichtweise took place for the second time in Waldaschaff. A bounty of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans where ready to spray as the artists had already received a selected color pallet to work with. With the sun on their back’s, it wasn’t only the UV rays that were burning. The featured artists were:

Dater, Hoker, Phixe, Mr. Baker, Cose, Kotze, Tuff Stuff, Street Pop Barbeque, Sker, Sten, Krixl, Nektarium, Prey, Ap2be, Mate, Rays, Ohm One, Raws, Phet, Stereoheat, Stan, Bill Knospi, Skenar, Otek, Stoke, Norm, Semor, Pout, Dreist, Smoe, Sade, Astor, Crek, Monkey, Mobar, 28 & 38.


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