Secret Wars Marker Battle – supported by Montana Cans


ORecently the battle of competing Secret Wars teams “OK DOG and Hanne B” took place. The winning team was to battle the winning team from Berlin from round 28. Not only would it become a battle of territories, but also commemorate the Secret Wars 30th round! With some musical support from record spinner Shorty Banks and a live rock out by Rick Feds who is the greatest finger drummer you have ever heard while seeing, the night was nothing less than a session of freshness.

Secret Wars goes BOLD

work in process

90 minutes, 24 luscious, black Montana BOLD markers, Montana EMPTY markers, an 8 meter canvas and 6 artists. The only thing missing were tattoo’s and moustaches. Check- they were there too. And in true Secret Wards and Hamburg fashion, proceeds from the sale of the artworks were donated to a good cause (Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.). Take a peek here at the fun here.

Check the new alcohol-based Montana BOLD Markers!

All Images by Secret Wars