The Polish artist SICOER has made some sizeable waves in the graffiti community with the release of his Montana BLACK Artist Edition can design. So much so that these waves could be felt as far away as the Montana Store Vienna (MSV), in the Austrian capital city. To celebrate the release of this street-fueled reinterpretation of the Montana BLACK color BLK 5270 Sorrento Blue, SICOER was present in person for an in-store exhibition in the MSV, complimented by a just as impressive in-store mural that proved that Montana Cans and his hands are an unbeatable combination.

Cans and hands, the ultimate combination

With a focus on the art of tags, or as they are otherwise known hand styles, SICOER created a monochromatic mural in the Montana BLACK color Sorrento Blue that puts the spotlight on the letter “S”. Built up of solely the tag SICOER, the fat to thin flared SICOER tags are meticulously placed in effortless repetition to form the geometric block “S”. No more is needed! no outline, no fill-in, no unnecessary things that detract from the plotter-like precision of each tag. As if stamped off a template, SICOER has managed to create a situation where the graffiti viewers can see all the normally present graffiti elements although they aren’t even there. And for the untrained eye, there is nothing more that would need to be added for them to both understand the concept of the repetition of his tag to form a pattern, and at the same time represent the letter “S” which is both the start of the pattern and the tag.

The fat to thin flared SICOER tags are meticulously placed in effortless repetition

Framed works on paper hang on neighboring walls within the room, exploring a whole other approach and scale to SICOER’s work. While on one side of the room, the framed and signed SICOER Sorrento Blue Artist Edition can litho hangs in good company with that of Dems 333, Pantone, and the collaborative MSV x Montana Cans limited can litho as well. A tasteful selection of artworks and art products that make a visit to the MSV for those lucky enough to be near it, a must!

So precise and well placed, it’s as if they have been stamped

Who knows where SICOER will take his tag on this unique path it is on. Regardless of the destination, we look forward to seeing the developments as they come to light. And if you can’t manage to see it in the flesh at MSV, take a moment to ponder here.

Photograpghy by Montana Store Vienna

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