Two weeks ago, in The Grifters social media we started a social discussion, as the first stage of a project called #RulesOfVandalism. Together with the artists MOSES & TAPS™, we asked you what are the rules and the definitions of vandalism. Two weeks and thousand of comments later, we are back – as promised – with the second stage of the project – short film made by the artist Good Guy Boris. The film idea is the to show the respond of the artists – MOSES & TAPS™ – to the statements and the definitions given on the questions in the social discussion.

All.indd Artwork1_Detail3_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-Preview Artwork1_Detail4_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-Preview

“ The main character hears disturbing voices in his head. Voices who command him how to paint graffiti. At the very end of the preparation and right before the execution of his piece, the character decides to ignore the voices and to set himself free. Nobody can put rules in something that is made to be chaos.” tells Boris.

All.indd All.indd Artwork3_Detail_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-Preview Canvas_Detail_of_Artwork_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-PreviewCanvas_Detail1_of_artwork_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-Preview Canvas_Detail2_of_Artwork_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-Preview Canvas_Detail3_of_Artwork_by_Moses_and_Taps_Canvas_Splash_Rules_of_vandalism-Preview

This film is the occasion to link the social discussion with the last stage of the project – The Exhibition “Splash – Rules Of Vandalism” by MOSES & TAPS™ in Paris.

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The Grifters™ does not support any illegal activities. All the footage shown is send to us anonymously and is used only for documentation purposes.