MONTANA CANS supports great art in Mannheim

In 2016 the STADT.WAND.KUNST mural art event took place in Mannheim for the third time. For this event, several well-known national and international graffiti and street artists once again painted large-scale murals in the cityscape of Mannheim, Germany. In the past, artists such as HERAKUT and SATONE joined the line-up of this unique event and this time it were BEZT and SAINER of the ETAM CRU, as well as HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH and MEHRDAT ZAERI who painted their murals for STADT.WAND.KUNST on facades all over the city.

The start of a series of high-quality street art in large-scale formats was made by the polish artist and muralist SAINER – to the surprise of many with an outstanding black and white painting. He was followed by the local illustrator MEHRDAT ZAERI, who created together with his wife Christina Laube the wall painting “Freiheitstexterin” on the facade of a former police building in B6.4. The next wall in the context of STADT.WAND.KUNST 2016 was created by the second part of the ETAM CREW, the Polish graffiti artist and illustrator BEZT. With his work “Europe”, he designed one of the greatest murals in Germany, which sets the viewer thinking and raises questions into the everyday life of the passing people. When the quality of the event already reached highest heights, the anticipation for the mural of HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH was at least as great as the facade he was asked to paint with a team of helping hands and industrial climbers. His wall painting “Vera” is part of his “Siberia” series. With his work over three facade sections and a amount of 13 floors, 44 meters height and 37 meters width, this piece of great art in Mannheim made an unmistakable sign for the arts, for events like STADT.WAND.KUNST, the inhabitants of the city of Mannheim and their visitors.

In 2016, MONTANA CANS lent STADT.WAND.KUNST its support as a partner and co- initiator. In addition to the organisation and infrastructure, the MONTANA CANS team contributed the necessary spray-cans and tools. STADT.WAND.KUNST stands like no other event for great art in Mannheim!

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