The new Audi Q2 campaign came to Berlin with a „Booom“! For the official presentation of the new Audi Q2, the local artist STEFFEN SEEGER designed an explosive black and white design concept. It included a hand-painted large-scale light box for the background and the re-design of the car surface in front of it. For the #untaggable campaign the MONTANA CANS supported illustrator, who is known for his monochrome drawings, used a bunch of different MONTANA-CANS tools such as EMPTY Markers and Inks on the light box as well as for the car. STEFFEN SEEGER AUDI Q2 UNTAGGABLE CAMPAIGN

This video and these pictures show the making of the explosion of STEFFEN SEEGERS black and white composition for the campaign of Audi Q2. Next to his artwork there are many  different artists and musicians collaborating with Audi all over Europe to show that the Q2 can’t be categorized in any specific hashtag but #untaggable.

Artwork Concept for Audi Q2 #untaggable campaign- light box and car illustration

Kick-off campaign for Audi Q2 by Berlin-based artist STEFFEN SEEGER

STEFFEN SEEGER was born in Potsdam, Germany. After his degree in Design at the University of Applied Sciences in his hometown he moved to Berlin where he’s nowadays living as an illustrator running the Studio Steffen Seeger (SSS). Since 2008 he showed his works in several galleries from the USA to the UK, Scandinavia and of course in Berlin, where he also collaborated with brands like VANS, HUGO BOSS, JIL SANDER and many more. His latest work for the #untaggable campaign of AUDI Q2 shows an illustrated explosion on the light box behind the car that has a „Booom“ written in big letters all over the side of the Audi.