Steffen Seeger’s newest artistical escapade has come to an end at the Platoon Artist Lab in the Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin. The internationally known artist has been working from May, 18th till June, 14th on his project GREENHOUSE. This 4-week art marathon incorporated two projects into one: First the transformation of the glas facade of the KUNSTHALLE creating an inner and outer relationship…

Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-00

His weapon of choice for this encounter: our new Montana CHALK spray – resulting in a color explosion that has an almost magnetic, attention-drawing effect on the viewer. The Second project is concealed to the inside of this first artwork. A view of the inner life of this colorful GREENHOUSE unfolds to show the emergence from the seed to a filled conservatory.

Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-06 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-02 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-05  Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-07 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-08

Seeger didn’t limit his focus to canvasses but literally covered the interior of the Artist Lab. Canvasses were designed in the puristic black and white style using white noise effects. The viewer can surmise hazy shapes of plants and botanical imagery. All surfaces were virtually pollinated with paint. Here Seeger chose to utilize our beloved Montana SPIDER can and the new GRAPHITE Tech can. The strong discrepancy between the puristic clouded images on the inside and the bright powerful colors of the facade are what give this art project it’s unparalleled sense of tension. We are proud to see our tools being put to such creative use and can’t wait to see what more is to come from Seeger’s spraying and creating hands.

Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-09 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-10 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-11 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-12 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-13 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-14 Steffen Seeger at Platoon Kunsthalle-15