The PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, an unconventional art space in Berlin, is designed as an experimental space for artists and creatives. Beyond hosting art projects, workshops, and events within the scope of club culture, subcultural networks and global movements the venue in the center of Germany’s capital also presents a multitude of creative and artistic projects which are quite different from other, more conservative art institutions. World renowned artist and Steffen Seeger is a part of the network of art visonaries and artists behind this independently operating unit.


Steffen Seeger is best known for his unique mix of styles ranging from writing, and illustrations to graphic design and contemporary art. By introducing his one-line technique, it was Seeger who inspired us at MONTANA to produce the ACRYLIC multiline markers. For a special artistic project it was his endeavor to transform the glas facade of the KUNSTHALLE into tangible art. After two weeks of developing and creating his artwork Seeger was ready to present the intermediate state of his creations on May, 29th. His plan is to continue for a further two weeks to finish his project which includes designing and transforming more windows in the interior of the Gallery. So be sure to drop by and check out the fruits of his labor at the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE!


The final artworks cans also be seen at the FINISSAGE (BBQ+DJ) on FRIDAY, 12 OF JUNE 8:00 PM at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE
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photography by MONTANA-CANS / Jordan Katz