The biggest graffiti event in the Netherlands

Each year, the city of Eindhoven plays host to the biggest graffiti event in the Netherlands, Step In The Arena. This is probably why the biggest hall of fame in the Netherlands, the Berenkuil, is the ultimate location for one of Europe’s biggest graffiti events. Year after year around 150 graffiti artists from all over Europe and sometimes beyond, Step In The Arena to present their individual styles to the city of Eindhoven, and thanks to photography and the internet, the world. This year, SITA 2022 fell on the first weekend of June for two days of non-stop graffiti style writing and creation with a mountain of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans. That is except for the time lost due to excessive rain that fell on the Sunday of the event.

Rain, hail, or shine, the SITA show must go on

In recent years in addition to the normal SITA program, a new tradition and another benchmark event for graffiti fans across the globe has also taken shape. The Step Out Of The Arena event which traditionally is painted on the Monday and Tuesday after the event by a select group of 20-30 artists also took place on 200 meters of wall space on one of Eindhoven’s busiest roads.

Another 200 meters of graffiti style writing

With thanks for the support of entities like the city of Eindhoven and Montana Cans, the DYNAMO crew that organizes the event has not only brought color to their hometown, they have created one of the world’s most dynamic cultural melting pots where graffiti writing and the public engage and in mutual appreciation of graffiti writing culture. Thanks to photography by  @lukedaduke and a movie recap by @liselottevdsande , you too can see what went on at SITA and SOOTA in 2022.

Images by @lukedaduke