In the heart of the Netherlands, Eindhoven’s iconic Berenkuil once again became a pulsating hub of urban artistry and creativity during the 14th edition of “Step in the Arena“. Held mid of June, this renowned graffiti festival of the Benelux saw a horde of both local and international graffiti artists, leaving their mark with diverse styles and murals. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, each artist brought a unique touch. The energy was palpable and for two days as spectators, and artists alike mingled, sharing their appreciation for the art form and witnessing the live creation of walls and styles.

But the festivities began a day earlier, on June 9th, “Step in the Arena Extra” was hosted at De Fabriek, located at Baarsstraat 38. This special session was designed to provide enthusiasts and the curious with invaluable background information about graffiti scene and culture. It served as an enriching prelude to the main event, deepening attendees’ understanding and appreciation of the art that would adorn the Berenkuil.

Year after year, Montana Cans has been a proud supporter of “Step in the Arena“, echoing the brand’s commitment to fostering urban art communities and celebrating graffiti’s rich tapestry of styles and narratives. Whether you were present to witness the magic or plan to catch up with the highlights, Eindhoven’s Step in the Arena 2023 remains a testament. Until next year, keep your cans shaking and stay tuned!

Participating artists (sorry if we did no catch all!): @ogryz_42 @ultrareser, @pout_spencer, @1puak, @pszet_b, @hosti, Real, @schlabberbatsen, @rosbergo, @heksr, RUNS, @norm_abartig, SLUR, @ni_mini, @knalsogees, @rumsda2c @carlospaz_artist, @therevesone, @r75_ricardo_van_zwol, @nils_ego, @nils_ego, @mattez_inc, @seno_sms_kwe, @nastysons, @dns_etrs |@romeo_dns, @nasher70, @mr.copy, @serge_kb, @sidok_szab, @duck_nukem,, @stippelaer, @vrouw.vanrinus, @dirrrtydizoe, @perrybox, @geschilderd, @ohheyimsebastian , @mrwanys, @zmogk, @daseone_tattoo, @sapolicious, @bugs_htb, @clone_one_zone, @eliska.slov, @bartknook, @bartkore, @deshamer.graffiti, OBSKUR87, @galletamaria_pinta and more!

Photography by @lukedaduke