There are many places to paint in Italy and the city of Bologne is no exception. With a healthy graffiti writing scene and new colors showing up regularly on steel, bricks, and everywhere in between, Bologne also plays home to some of the “other writers” doing things a little differently. However, there is one message that unites them all, and that is style. Style Is The Message.

Not the usual names in Bologne

Created by some out-of-towners that have called Bologne home for a while now, Style Is The Message is the result of hard work by Meth and Fedro from the F.Lines Crew in partnership with The Graffiti Bench Shop. For the first chapter of the Style Is The Message jam, the location was some temporary wooden construction site walls behind Bologne Central Station.

Style Is The Message

Some graffiti names that participated but don’t call Bologne home. Those names were Milano Doba, Nerdy, Ends, Rusto, Sowet, Prome, Jins, and Rust. Also active on the shutter button was @Streets_Diario to record the event with his photography.

Excessive heat and a unique selection of styles

Due to the excess heat being experienced in Italy this summer, the event that was supported by Montana Cans was spread over 2 days. Two days brought a unique selection of styles and approaches keeping the graffiti movement moving.

All images by Streets_Diario