25 years of the SML crew

25 years old. Old enough to get a driver’s license, old enough to vote, old enough to ride the scariest rides at the fun park, and old enough to buy alcohol. It seems like only yesterday that the SML crew was founded by the German Graffiti artist BOOGIE and RAIN in Saxony. But it wasn’t. It was 25 years ago.

Just like some people who have lived for 25 years, the SML crew (Style Madness Love) has also reached this milestone. 25 years which started in the ore mountains and later in Dresden is now a bigger family spread all over Germany and its surrounds. To celebrate this achievement the SML crew and friends got together to paint a giant wall and whatever else was put in the way of the Montana BLACK cans that they had in hand.

Steering away from the wall full of names, or the giant crew letter approach, for this wall SML chose to focus on the moment. 25 YEARS in giant letters with all the crew members as fill-in was the name of the game. And with great success as the back of the warehouse it was painted on was completely taken out like a wholecar in a yard.

And if that wasn’t enough, the and friends element of the jam also did their thing on the remaining wall space colorfully complementing the main event. Sun shinning, people smiling, Montana Cans adding color, style happening. StyleMadness, and Love really did happen on this day! Happy birthday, SML.